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Life Is Short - Buy The Art

Original art makes your space feel different. It can inspire, add character, warmth, energy, humour or peace. Something made by the hands of another human, in response to their experiences of life is a thing of beauty.
Chosen well it will give back for years to come, and remind you of your own history. It can become a part of your family, something enjoyed by all, or discussed at length for it's controversy.
I like to make the whole process of finding the work you'll love as easy as possible. You can visit the gallery in Hove and see what we have in the current collection. We can meet on a techy platform for a 'virtual private view' and you can see how the work could look in your home. Or we can discuss what you are looking for and I can find the perfect piece for you.

So go on ... get in touch and let me help you buy the art!

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