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Conceptual Artist

Subject matter – ideas               

Media - unlimited

Usually from within a fundamentally minimalist framework of arranged components, a monochrome palette, and micro-managed visual order, Lucy Delano makes ideas-based work designed to communicate, critique, or take a sideways glance at art, the art-world, and the human condition.

No stranger to ready-mades and text-based work, she uses whatever media works best for the concept. Although there is very little, or sometimes no craft as such involved, the choice of material is essential in successfully communicating the concept, as is the visual beauty and simplicity in encouraging the viewer to engage with it.

Often conceptually twisting and turning, usually self-reflexive and/or referencing art history, it is always the concept which is the driving force and starting point of a piece. The work has something to say. The craft is finding the relevant materials and media through which to say it.  

"I rummage around behind the scenes of the art world, critiquing and commentating.  ‘Hang This Artwork At Eye Level’ becomes the artwork, the ubiquitous red dot denoting a sale takes centre stage. From within, I am messing with, exposing, and shining a light on, the art world that I inhabit. 

Aesthetically my work is clean, minimal, orderly, and I say as much as I can using as little as possible. It pleases my own sense of what is beautiful, It is intelligent, (at least I think so) sometimes funny, and often challenging. As with all conceptual art, the risk is that the viewer might be threatened by it, a sense of being mocked, of being not party to the inside joke. This is very far from the case, in fact, the viewer is never a consideration of mine. I create because I need to express a concept. To date, I have been unconcerned with who sees it. "

Lucy lives and works in Brighton but is an East End girl at heart.

MA Fine Art – University of Brighton



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