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Abstract painter and colour lover

Sophie creates atmospheric paintings that capture the essence of a place in time. Living and working in Brighton, the sea is her backdrop, an ever-changing environment that she explores through her fluid and experimental style of painting. 


Memories of dazzling landscapes are sources of reference; seascapes, harbours, forests, city views. Sophie takes virtual snapshots and allows her paintings to take on a life of their own so they metamorphose into landscapes full of hazy memories.  These new works respond to time spent in Cornwall and the Scilly Isles, and the stunning sunsets and invigorating sea swims of the winter months in Brighton.

Areas of solid form, mark-making and motifs, underpinned by a rich build-up of colour create playgrounds for your imagination.

Sophie has worked on many commissions and collaborations including Habitat who created a gorgeous rug design from one of her paintings for their Brighton store launch.

Green ridge . 100x120cm.jpg
sunset beach1




here's little I look forwards to more than a visit to Sophie's studio. It feels like stepping into a kaleidoscopic fun palace with the added joy of spending time with a dear friend.Sophie works in the Phoenix Studios in the centre of Brighton where each artist's space has the luxury of one full wall of windows so they're flooded with light. 

Once inside I am surrounded by all the ephemera of a busy creative space; paints piled high, sketches and photos on all surfaces, paintings in progress, blank canvases, palettes and brushes all glowing with Sophie's trademark turquoises and pinks. Walls are a mass of colourful drips and the floor is such a tourist attraction it should have a blue plaque. 


We discuss plans for the next season's collection of paintings, moving canvases about, grouping series together to see what works. This is where the collaborative relationship between artist and gallerist gets interesting as we bring different ideas to the table and see the new collection starting to form. 


I always leave buzzing and excited about what we have planned. Then Sophie has the challenge of following it all though, but luckily she is a woman who loves a challenge and it is such a thrill when she delivers the paintings to the gallery. 


Sophie opens her studio to the public during the Phoenix Open Studios weekend in May so if you keep an eye out for that you can and go experience it for yourself. I may well see you there.

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