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Colour-filled magical realism

Becky's work has always focused on the light and joy of living. Her paintings, filled with colour, aim to bring happiness through beautifully composed imagery.

Since graduating in 1994 she has exhibited regularly in the UK and Australia and has work in private and public collections around the world. 


In 2014, Becky was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Lupus. The following months saw her hospitalised, housebound, the impact to her joints leaving her unable to paint, the chronic pain rendering her unable to walk, eat and even sleep. Her work since then reflects Becky’s journey back to better health


“Though this work does not dwell in the suffering, it is imbued with a richer appreciation of happiness. Humbled by the insight of my experience, I feel so fortunate to be in better health. I now know how precious and fragile the balance of our lives is." 


Becky's paintings take me on travels and adventures and away from the hum drum of daily life.

The quality of Becky Blair's paintings is undeniable. Her colours bring my home alive and make it look fresh and vibrant. We love her work and will be looking for another one soon.

Susan B

Brian and Sally J



BB_Studio 27 copy.jpg


East facing light floods in and you are high enough that nothing overlooks to distract your eyes. Even on an overcast day, the space is well lit and welcoming.

I've worked with Becky for many years and always reslish spending time with her in her workspace. It's efficient and organised but homely, with a sofa and books, a kettle and favourite things. A home from her very lovely home.  

Conversation flows easily as Becky is a long-time friend as well as a colleague so we jump around topics from art to family to dancing and back again.


Becky is finishing a commission when I visit. There are finished pieces for me to see and canvases in progress, leaning up against walls or drying flat on the floor. There is also a table of small works in the process of being framed up for the gallery. 
Becky's paintings are always one step ahead of the crowd. She is not an artist to stick to the same story yet her colour palette and technique are instantly recognisible, regardless of her subject matter. Birds, beaches, landscapes or abstracts: compositions created with the use of complex underpainting, glazes and confident use of colour.

Customers regularly come back wanting the work which we were showing 12 months previously, which they have been thinking about all this time. But those paintings have not only found new homes but if they were Australian inspired beach scenes then Becky will have moved onto Sussex lily ponds. Indian crowd scenes to bird-filled trees. Vibrant gardens to the minutiae of childhood treasures.

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