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Illustrative paintings and lino cut prints

Hannah Forward is a printmaker and painter living in Hove, UK. She studied for a BA in Graphic Design at Brighton University UK from 2003 - 2006. She went on to work as an illustrator creating editorial work for magazines and newspapers such as The Guardian. In 2013 she took a short course in relief printmaking and has been hooked ever since.

In 2018 Hannah's linocut print ‘Cassette Tapes’ was selected as part of that years Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, curated by Grayson Perry. She was also one of three artists filmed for the BBC documentary program about the exhibition that year. She was selected again in 2019 with her ‘Cameras’ linocut print.

Hannah has slowly been developing a love for creating small, esoteric, intimate paintings alongside her work as a printmaker. Inspired by cinema and film photography, she paints with acrylic on smooth wood and manages to capture a warm, nostalgic, at times slightly sinister feeling even in the smallest of her works.


Hannah’s paintings have been described as: "An ongoing series of small, precious paintings, with many of the details skipped over. Like postcards from a dream, they leave it for the viewer's imagination to finish the story."

Screenshot 2023-01-30 at 12.51.35.png




Screen Shot 2023-03-04 at 14.39.52.png


Hannah works across two studios; one in Brighton where she paints her miniature road trip scenes, and another in her home in Hove where she creates her intricate lino-cut prints. 

I visited her in her home studio, filled with light on an overcast January morning, and enjoyed getting to know her process and inspiration.  Hannah told me about how she doesn't drive and has many memories of being driven around suburban landscapes. These moments created storyboards in her mind and led to her recording such scenes in her work.  Trips to America have further inspired her imagery and influenced the hot palette of the West Coast.

I was particularly excited by Hannah's awesome lino-cut technique, which requires a puzzle-solving brain to understand let alone work on. Minimal sheets are cut, but each layered with different colours, and of course, worked out in reverse to achieve the resutlng image.  

Hannah is new to the collective for 2023 and I am excited to show her work to you at art fairs and in the gallery, and to get to understand her process further. 


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