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Life drawings & Landscapes

In his practice Benedict experiments with drawing and painting different aspects of life but always find himself drawn back to exploring capturing figures, smiles, interesting landscapes and other bits and pieces that inspire.

His waterscapes and landscapes are a body of work based around the notion of capturing the intricate colours displayed in moving water and the atmosphere of coastal landscapes.

Figurative paintings and drawings are worked in inks and paint with which Benedict captures beautiful moments of laughter, smiles, and stillness.


“I have always loved the act of drawing and painting and the uncertainty that a new piece of work provides. It is this uncertainty that results in a variety of works being produced, sometimes good sometimes not so good."

Benedict has exhibited across the UK and Australia. 





I recently visited Benedict's home and studio in Brighton.  It was great to see what he has been working on and to have some time to peruse the paintings over coffee. I also got a peek at his wife Victoria's gorgeous one-off clothing pieces (dotandcrossstudio).


As it was a weekend I took my younger boy Billy along with me. Billy has shown great interest in taking over the gallery one day so this was good training.

Ben has set up a great studio in an upstairs room overlooking the garden. It's a den of sketches and canvases, works in progress, paints, and inks. His work spans various subject matters and materials and the loose and gestural style is recognisable throughout.


Included in the new collection are stunning large-scale river paintings, impasto oil landscapes of all sizes, a flock of wonderful characterful birds, and a couple of new ink on plastic wave scapes. 

All paintings are available via the gallery or online. Do get in touch if you'd like any further information. 

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