SAMLOCK.Construction I 24x32cm.jpg


Abstract painting

Sam's paintings on canvas grow and change. They are an organic build-up of layers, previous images and tones that are then broken back into, torn away, covered up and pushed back. They are deeply meditative and calming. In contrast, his works on paper are instinctive, energetic and unforgiving.  One series feeds the other; both are equally powerful.

Each work is the result of a sequence of intuitive actions; an immediacy that captures the physicality of the moment. A mark put down, a footprint left, the tracks and avenues of Sam's thoughts and their circuits. As a consequence they speak of the history of the time spent on making them, and this is where each works finds its tone of voice; an afternoon of quiet contemplation, a melancholy morning, maybe a burst of end-of-day energy.

"These are part-formed, partial mindscapes that are part-imagined.  Spaces where I have been, left something behind and found something else." SAM LOCK