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One-line figures

Inspired by the natural world, the human form and colour itself, James Wilson uses a balance of colours, textures and line to create bold and striking art. His portraits speak of the gentle melancholy of 'aloneness' of humanity and individuality, and of how we see ourselves and others. James primarily focuses on working with ink and paint but often produces work using charcoal, paper, and other media. Some drawings make it to signed limited edition silkscreens, a few of which we have available. 


Clearly, Picasso and Matisse inspired, James has, within a few short years, (he is still only 23) developed a strong style and impressive catalogue of clients. From Vanity Fair, London and Paris Fashion weeks to a recent sold-out collaboration with Zara's menswear range, James is getting huge attention for his simplistic yet instinctive style.


The A2 range of one-off drawing comes into existence in a semi-meditative state; with eyes closed, multiple drawings flow out in one sitting.  The titles come the same way; as fleeting thoughts and reflections on his own life and experiences and in turn, they connect the viewer to James' art on a literary level.



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