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Still life and sunlight

As well as running the gallery Lara works on her own paintings and creative projects.

Ultimately Lara is inspired by what it is to be alive, how our memories work, the changes in seasons,  time passing,  how things make us feel, but above all by the joy she finds in colour and light and nature.

A tangle of blooms, a snippet of blue sky, a shard of strong sunlight and the short-lived relationship between a favourite mug and a collection of spring blooms. Plants, flowers and organic forms are Lara's go-to  language but as a metaphor for the passing of time and as an investigation of personal experiences and memory.

In recent years a more abstract approach has developed in Lara's work. These paintings have a different energy. They are bolder, looser, and happier. They're about being in the moment and trying to capture joy.

" The way I create is not a straight line. I work in series, or projects, depending on mood or what has recently inspired me to paint. Acknowledging these different pockets of inspiration allows me to move between them as they influence each other. "