Still life and sunlight

A tangle of blooms, a snippet of blue sky, a shard of strong sunlight and the short-lived relationship between a favourite mug and a collection of spring blooms. Flowers are Lara's language but as metaphor for the passing of time and as an investigation of personal experiences.

Lara uses inks, oils and wax to build layers of texture and colour, often removing entire sections so as to reveal the ghost of those marks, only to then work into them again. The effect created is something dreamlike; a partially remembered afternoon or a moment of reflection frozen in paint. 

'These new pieces respond to the glorious summer of 2018; time spent by rock pools, beaches and lakes, drinking in the reflections and refractions and generating momentum for a new body of work. These evolving pieces are about beams of sunlight; spying blue sky between the tangle of growth; the above and the underneath; reflected and shaded; the crystal clear and the murkier, more confusing sides of life." ​




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