Still life and sunlight

A tangle of blooms, a snippet of blue sky, a shard of strong sunlight and the short-lived relationship between a favourite mug and a collection of spring blooms. Plants and flowers are Lara's language but as metaphor for the passing of time and as an investigation of personal experiences.

"For me, 2020 was period of input not output.  I like to paint uplifting still lives, things that bring joy and colour, but I simply didn't have those things in me last year. Painting flowers felt wrong.  

When I returned to work in spring 2021 it felt like I was starting again. I had missed paint and what working with it feels like. I had a clear out, moved things a round. When I put out my paints I chose new colours and brushes. Things I was saving for 'special'.  I played different music. I danced. I played.​

These new painting have a different energy. They are bolder, more abstract and also happier. They're about being in the moment.