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Re-purposed metal sculpture

Since graduating from Liverpool John Moore’s University in 1991, Dan has been a professional artist in fields as diverse as stencil graffiti (exhibiting alongside Banksy), stage design, club decor, collage, fine art painting, and printmaking. 

"It was only at the tender age of 50 that I discovered what I should have been doing all along - sculpture."

The adaptation of man-made, post-consumer waste into careful representations of nature has poetry that seems apt for our times.

A lifelong love of nature, foraging, and structure are combined perfectly in the finding and repurposing of metal objects into his intricate creatures. It is, he says, a three-dimensional extension of the techniques and juxtapositions that typify the two-dimensional work he created for years.




It’s the sheer physicality, noise, and filth of the process of cutting, grinding and welding metal that Dan most enjoys, taking full advantage of the isolation of his woodland home with no neighbours within earshot. Luckily the outbuilding that serves as his workshop is far enough from the house to not keep his wife and kids awake.

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