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Whimsical super-real landscapes

Louise Grace was born in Ireland in 1979 and studied BA Illustration at BCUC 2003 – 2006. Her move to painting in recent years came from a desire to express her self on  larger scale and 'get out of her own way'. 

Louise's distinctive goache and acrylic paintings  are inspired by nature and feature dynamic colours, surreal perspectives and intricate patterns. Her clean, vibrant palette nods to the fauvist movement giving them an almost super-real feel. I particularly enjoy the feeling of human presence, albeit just out of view. 

Current works include watery pool and cactus scenes, greenhouses, Victorian architecture and exotic animals made with gouache and acrylic paint. Often these works include scenes with whimsical and unreal elements that are recognisable and relatable, filled with her trademark intense colour and pattern.

Louise has recently returned from a trip to California where she delivered a piece of work to the owner of the pool featured in the painting. During that trip she was inspired by the overwhelming landscape and foliage so new works are likely to be on a larger scale. 

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