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En Plein Air Landscapes

Sarah paints directly en plein air, sketching in oils and preferring to be a part of the landscape, immersed, working directly from source in all weathers. 


It is nature's raw presence and her own personal experience with in it that helps her define the ‘place’. She often revisits the same spot on different occasions to experience the change in qualities of light, colour and sound.

"This collection is based on the sky and its relationship to my immediate landscape. The smaller paintings are made onsite around Sussex art various times of the day with the intention to capture the uplifting freedom the sky holds. It changes quickly which is technically challenging so I often write down key words to trigger the feeling and hold the sentiment.

No matter what nature offers there is a commitment to the emotional force with the intention to just simply react, distill and interpret. "


Sarah studied at Camberwell College of Arts and has returned to painting after a career in Graphic Design.