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Turned wood

Tom graduated from Edinburgh College of art in 2001 with a BA Honours degree in Furniture design. Since 2004 he has developed his process from his workshop in the grounds of Newbattle Abbey, Dalkeith,  inspired by the fluid and elegant forms found within nature.

His process is one of intuitive, spontaneous creativity that evolves from the nature of the material. Tom will often turn the wood fresh and still wet, or ‘green’, and as the timber dries it will move and distort, taking on its own natural shape. Sometimes the wood will crack and reveal unwanted fissures, generating it's own own creative influence as natural stabilisation occurs.

"It is a combination of the grain and patterns in these woods along with the shapes and forms found in nature that inspire many of my pieces, incorporating organic lines and highlighting the woods' unique features."

Tom's work is perceived more as works of art than useful items, with the use of quality Scottish hardwoods, imaginative design and immaculate attention to detail, his work has attracted many notable clients such as The Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh’s Lord Provost and Dunfermline Abbey.

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