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Mixed Media

Minimalist paintings containing hidden depths of marks and layers which reveal a jewel like burnished effect as hints of colour are exposed. The content within Sue Munson's signature 'Three Lines' shape veers from the energy and exuberance of mark making to the quiet contemplation of a straight line. The lively and the contemplative.

Although Sue had been painting for many years it was in Paris 2013 during a study trip that she was immensely moved by a painting of a geometric shape which contained a softness that is not usually associated with abstract geometry.

The combination colour, shape and line led Sue to think more deeply about what that shape meant to her. Flight, freedom, containment, and sanctuary were words which floated around like a mantra and she set about translating those thoughts to paper. Reflecting on guidance received in the early nineties from Santa Fe artist Carol Anthony, Sue was able to move forward with what she now calls her signature shape.

"To take three lines and create something exciting in infinite ways I find truly wondrous."

Since 2013 Sue's work has been exhibited at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2014, 2015 and 2017.


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